6 Ways To Ruin Brand

6 Ways To Ruin Your Brand

Welcome to the minefield. You spend so much time working on your brand. What are you providing? Who is your ideal audience? How do you tailor your message to reach your target audience? BOOM! In a moment, you blow all the hard work by stepping on a landmine. Before you post anything online, make sure you’re […]

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Your 3 Word Personal Brand

How To Define Your 3 Word Personal Brand

When people discuss personal branding, they typically discuss your brand statement or your elevator pitch.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  But can you scale it down even more than that?  Social media expert Phyllis Khare suggests also narrowing down your personal brand to 3 words.   Just 3 Words? Yes, 3 words.  Let the […]

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Be Your First Client

How To Be Your First Client

So, how do you get clients interested in your services?  The basic checklist says: Create a personal brand that shows your customers who you are. Determine which services you will offer. Get references and recommendations from previous clients who can tout your services. One important piece of the puzzle is missing.  Being your first client […]

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Show Off Your Storytelling Skills

Storytelling is an underrated but essential skill.  If you can’t tell a story, then you’re less likely to capture your readers’ attention.  You also need to tell your own story, starting with your personal brand. Telling a story breathes life into the words on a blog by connecting to your head and your heart. For example: Children […]

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