Certified in social media strategy, project management, and ITIL

Social Media Strategy

Work with a certified social media strategist to create a plan that aligns with your goals.

Social Media Management

Your social media strategy is useless without consistent execution. Do you have the time to train on multiple social media platforms? Would managing social media accounts take too much of your time away from all of your other business activities? Delegate some or all of your social media activities so that you can focus on using your time and talents wisely.


Amy is an energetic and positive worker. She thinks creatively and focuses on the needs of her customers. - Stephanie W.


Amy is very detailed and organized and always managed to complete her objectives on time. Amy was very personable and professional in her interactions. - Tara A.


Amy has a witty and wise personality. - Sylvia A.


Created exactly what I wanted. - Stephen W.



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